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Enrique Corominas


In my work I try to visually communicate everything I am inspired or fascinated by through drawing, watercolor, oil or digital techniques.


My works have been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, Tenerife, Rome and Paris.

As an illustrator I have signed hundreds of book covers for the many Spanish publishing houses. My drawings and comics have been published in American, French and Italian magazines and albums.


Here you can find detailed information about my career and here you can read an extended interview. There are more illustrations on Gigamesh publishing house website you can see more illustrations and Daniel Maghen Gallery has more originals.


Nowadays I write and draw a story set in occultist Paris in early 20th Century, while painting portraits of characters from that period. I always return to the comics field when I want to tell, through symbols and spells, my most personal obsessions.

If you want us to talk, or you need to illustrate a book, or you are interested in an original, please do not hesitate and let me know:

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